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REVERE – We Adore You

We Adore You by MUSIC VIDEO

When we see You
Everything else fades away
Your love tells our fear it can’t stay
When we see you

To behold You
To know You is why we were made
It’s written in our DNA
To behold You

Let every voice stand together
All of us singin’ we adore You
Heaven and earth bow in wonder
All of us singin’
We adore You, Lord

More than anything
You’re the reason that we breathe
King Immanuel
Seated high above
You came down because of love
We adore You

In the beauty of Your holiness
The splendor of Your majesty
The wonder of Your excellence
We worship

For the wisdom of Your perfect ways
The constant of faithfulness
The power of Your matchless name
We Worship


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