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RichyRanger – 25 Million

25 Million By RichyRanger MUSIC VEDIO

25 Million LYRICS By RichyRanger:
Where my Nike tech at, Where my Nike tech at
Bitch, Yeah (Hit’em up Danny)

Bitch I ran up 25 mill, again and again
Spin spin spinning spin, bitch this just what I do
Bitch I just win, win on win, I’m winning I win
5 times in a coupe hit a nigga and his bitch (ooh)
Swerve through his coupe, Swerve through the block
I’m on yo block chop chop Choppa D chop
I hit a nigga and his bitch, I Swiss like cheese
But nigga I’m getting rich (Bitch)
I got a rich bitch, she suck dick dick (uh)
I like the bitch bitch, cause she suck my dick dick
Baptize in a bitch she got big lips (uh uh hit her still)
I fuck on yo bitch bitch bitch bitch
While she suck my dick dick dick dick
I’m at yo show what’s up, pop on the street what’s up
I’m bout to shoot in yo coupe
Lil bitch come through ooh ooh hitting a two
Ooh ooh hitting yo block
I bout shoot at yo block, I’m bout to (uh uh)
He want to play with my gang, shoot at him
He want to play with my gang, two bibles (uh)
I got a drip bible, I keep a drip bible
I keep a drip bible, I-I-I keep a drip bible (uh)
He run on my stagе I ran up 25 mill in a day
He ran on my stage remеmber I run a 25 (uh)
I ran up 25 in a day nigga no play
Shoot a nigga and his bitch right in his face (Bitch)


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