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Sidney Mohede – Only You

Only You by Sidney Mohede MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

Only You LYRCIS by Sidney Mohede:
[Verse 1:]
No one ever said
It would be easy
There’s heartache in the storm
But it won’t last forever
So when the sun goes down
I’ll love you deeply
Our seasons are made for change
But my promise still remains

Only you alone
My today and all tomorrows
Only you alone
You’re my anchor when I’m hopeless
Even if the road ahead is unclear
We will hold each other’s hands in
the darkness
I choose you a million times over
Only you

[Verse 2:]
Love is just a word
But you gave it meaning
When laughter turns to tears
I’ll hold you forever
You’re the reason why
My heart keeps beating
When days turn into years
My love will still be here


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