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Social Club Misfits – Without You

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Without You LYRICS by Social Club Misfits:
Without You
I’m just a house of cards
‘Bout to fall down
Without You

Sometimes it has to get bad before it gets good I hate that’s the way it goes
Anxiety on my mind I hope that it stops I hate to self-diagnose
I prayed, I cried, I’ve stayed wide awake
Thinking what’s at stake, knowing the part I play
The legacy I leave to my kids and their families when they start their own one day
Hey I just wanna make You proud, for the times that I let You down
And the times that I said that I’d be right there
When You looked I could not be found
At my worst You gave me Your best
You gave to me rest, so when they ask me about You
I tell em that You’re my all, And that I can’t live without You

Without You
I’m just a house of cards
‘Bout to fall down
Without You
I’m pretty sure I’d crumble right to the ground
That’s why I’m holding on so tight
‘Cause You are the anchor of my life
And I’m nothing without You (without You)
I’m nothing without You

Thought that I had it all under control
Hiding some things I don’t want You to know
Feel like I wanna be honest but don’t
Sometimes I confuse what I need and I want
I don’t wanna be so concerned with the likes I don’t even know what You like
I don’t wanna find myself looking back on a life that I don’t really like
So I fall on my knees and pray to God
This is all of me and my heart
Teach me how to see You when I’m far
I just wanna be where You are

I’ve lived far too many days
Too far from You
No way I’m ever going back
You’re all I have
I draw a line in the sand