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Switchfoot – wolves

wolves by Switchfoot MUSIC VIDEO

wolves LYRCIS by Switchfoot:
[Verse 1]
Evening when the wolves come out
I’m a gloomy soul and I
Hear them howl in my head
Autumn in the fading light
Trees are frozen, fingers that
Claw and grab at the sky
Greedy and

Begin again
All of my world’s collision and spin
Hope is a war that we’re already in
Awaken, O sleeper
Awaken, O sleeper
[Verse 2]
So far from the battlefield
Roses for the father’s sons
See them red on the ground
When the revolution came
We were more than hungry men
We werе hoping for more

Now we begin again
All of my world is collision and spin
Hopе is a war that is yet to begin
Awaken, O sleeper
Awaken, O sleeper
A new day begins

[Instrumental Break]

Again, begin
Again, begin