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Tamela Mann – Superheroes Prayer

Superheroes Prayer by MUSIC VIDEO

Superheroes Prayer LYRCIS by Tamela Mann:
Superheroes dream
Of days when they will be
Far from all the trouble
That life brings
To save humanity
The strong at times get weak
The fear they fail
The world won’t let them sleep

Please say it’s not too late
The planet’s filled with hate
Bloodshed on the streets can’t be our fate
Before the story ends we still believe somehow
We sure could use a superhero now

Superheroes cry
Alone, they question why
There’s so much heartache
Should they even try?
When will we realize
Together we must fight
Till peace on earth
There’s no light in the sky

Robbed of empathy
We’ve lost our sight to see
Till we all matter, no one can be free
This whole world seems to have lost her way somehow
We sure could use a superhero now
We sure could use a superhero now

This is not the time to give up now
Only for a while you may feel down
[?] now it’s time you knew
A hero was always inside of you

Superheroes pray
For us to find a way
To be as one so we can save the day
To show humility
To listen when they speak
To give more than we take as we need, yeah

I know that we can win
But healing won’t begin
Until the castle breaks and lets love in
Please hold my hand together, we’ll rise up
Someway and somehow

‘Cause it’s time for superheroes
[?] superheroes
[?] superhero now


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