ALBUM: Taylor Swift - Midnights (3am Edition) | Zip + Lyrics

  • Artist:
  • Album Title: Midnights (3am Edition)
  • Genre: Pop
  • Runtime: 20 Songs, 69 Minute 22 seconds

American singer-songwriter release a new live album titled “Midnights (3am Edition)” Zip Album, this album features many other artist.

Midnights (3am Edition) ALBUM by which contains 29 tracks in total is now available for streaming and downloading on Itunes and all digital stores nationwide

Below are The List Of Midnights (3am Edition) Album Track available for Download along with the lyrics of each song

1. Taylor Swift – Lavender Haze DOWNLOAD HERE
2. Taylor Swift – Maroon DOWNLOAD HERE
3. Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero DOWNLOAD HERE
4. Taylor Swift – Snow On The Beach DOWNLOAD HERE
5. Taylor Swift – You’re On Your Own, Kid DOWNLOAD HERE
6. Taylor Swift – Midnight Rain DOWNLOAD HERE
7. Taylor Swift – Question…? DOWNLOAD HERE
8. Taylor Swift – Vigilante Shit DOWNLOAD HERE
9. Taylor Swift – Bejeweled DOWNLOAD HERE
10. Taylor Swift – Labyrinth DOWNLOAD HERE
11. Taylor Swift – – Karma DOWNLOAD HERE
12. Taylor Swift – Sweet Nothing DOWNLOAD HERE
13. Taylor Swift – Mastermind DOWNLOAD HERE
14. Taylor Swift – The Great War DOWNLOAD HERE
15. Taylor Swift – Bigger Than The Whole Sky DOWNLOAD HERE
16. Taylor Swift – Paris DOWNLOAD HERE
17. Taylor Swift – High Infidelity DOWNLOAD HERE
18. Taylor Swift – Glitch DOWNLOAD HERE
19. Taylor Swift – Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve DOWNLOAD HERE
20. Taylor Swift – Dear Reader DOWNLOAD HERE


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