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Terrian – Love Your Children

Love Your Children by Terrian MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

Love Your Children LYRICS by Terrian:
She wore her pride like a dress
I swear she wore it well
He fell out of eden once
And he’d gladly do it again
Such a stone cold hearted man
With a bitter a woman on his hand
Those Daddy issues they never end well

Mothers, hold your daughters and your sons
Fathers, show your children how to love
You gotta take their hands
To lift them up again
Love your children
Love your children

Mothers, don’t you know the pain you’ve caused your sons
Daddies, don’t you know some hurts can’t be undone
So be careful what you sow
They gonna reap it soon
Just be careful or they’ll end up just like you

This is for the kids suffering alone
This is for the ones in a house that ain’t no home
This is for their moms
This is for their dads
Maybe it’s the best that they can do with what they have
Hurt people hurt people
And they can be the be the worst kinda worst people
But they just doing what’s been done
Ain’t condemning anyone
Truth is God so loved the world that He gave His only