African Music Lyrics Timi Dakolo – Wish Me Well

Timi Dakolo – Wish Me Well

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Wish Me Well LYRCIS by Timi Dakolo:
[Verse 1: Timi Dakolo]

I packed my bags
I’m leaving town
I bought a one way ticket
I ain’t coming back
Its goodbye ,and goodbye folks
I’m heading for the city
And that’s my home

And goodbye Mama
Please don’t cry
I can’t stay
Don’t ask me why
I got no money just hopes and dreams
I’m gonna find my destiny

I heard about life, life in the city
Said that’s where all dreams come true
I’m gonna work hard in the city
So wish me well
Wish me well

I’m gonna be a famous superstar
I’m gonna drive a big o’fancy car
Fly my own plane all across this world
And when the time is right..
Find myself a girl

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