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TobyMac – Horizon (A New Day)

Horizon (A New Day) by TobyMac MUSIC VIDEO

Horizon (A New Day) LYRCIS by TobyMac:
I feel the blood rushin’ through my veins
I’m ready for change
They keep telling me to stay in my lane
But it’s screaming my name

My heart is racin’
The elements we’re facin’
Got us pushing through the night
I feel the pressure
But when we come together
We’ll journey ‘til the morning light

It’s our destiny
No separating us ‘cause we’re family
Beautiful together I do believe
We can do anything in His name

A new day
A new day is on the horizon
A new day
A new day is on the horizon
If you can see it, I can see it
We can be it, better believe
Ain’t nothin’ gonna stand in our way
A new day
A new day is on the horizon

Thicker than blood, thicker than earthsuit ties
So deep and wide
There’s comin’ a day, comin’ a day we’re gonna rise up
We won’t give up the fight

Takin’ all that we are and binding it forever
Together never severed we are deeper than the skin we’re in
Our creed, our culture, even our names
Fall straight into the shadows of the depths of how we relate
A body, a family, different parts but one in the same
Spiritual shame it can not clinch us
‘Cause the love we have is different
You can say what you say
But nothin’ can stand in the way
Of the rising on the horizon
Open your eyes to a new day

Rise up if you’re tired of the replay
And fists high if you’re ready for a new day


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