Foreign Music Lyrics TobyMac – The Real You

TobyMac – The Real You

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The Real You LYRCIS by TobyMac:
Ah, ah

[Verse 1]
You ain’t been yourself
Yeah, this pain got you actin’ like someone else
True you needed time
But two years seems too long to clear your mind (Clear your mind)

[Refrain 1]
Are they gonna walk right by and miss it?
Not even take the time to listen
I wanna make known my position (My position)

I see the real you
I see the one who’s
Pushin’ to get through
And believe me, I believe in you
I’ve seen the tears fall
I’ve seen the real raw
They took their eyes off
But I’ll take it all, yeah, I’ll take it all

Callin’ the real you
Callin’ the real you
Callin’ the deep inside to come to life, back into view
Callin’ the real you

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