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(Hold on—)
Yeah, I’ve been here before
Your roof above my head
I’ll look so stupid, when I understand
Caring about everything I did back then
I’d love to let it go (To let it go, to let it go)
And I’ve got myself to blame
The TV static drifts as I awake
How could you leave me like this and get away? Now
When I watched you change I didn’t have a say, now
Cracking my head on the wall
And I’m guessing we were never friends at all
So when I’m gone, and turnеd into a word
Keep everything inside your chеst
But don’t fret, yeah, I’ll always be here
Like a stick in the mud
Where you know that it’s placed
And when now turns into back then
Will anything matter at all?
And all the things that you wanted to say
I guess you went away
‘Til I gave out


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