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UnoTheActivist – Slave

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Slave LYRCIS by UnoTheActivist:
…I’m not your average American
Niggas see me and they swear that they seein’ me different like my name is Manson Marilyn
This not a ritual but I go dig up my day ones just so we can pull up and bury him
[?] driving and I’m whippin’ a fishscale, I got more water than all the aquariums (Dream, this shit go dummy, whew)
Yeah, it’s time to pop the trunk
We just put the opp inside a spliff, it smell like skunk
When I be serving the [?], they come to the back, they don’t come to the front
I’m doin’ these drugs, I’m a slave (Yеah, ha)
When I’m in these chains, I’m a slavе
Say she don’t know who I am, that bitch must inside of a cage
[?], I’ma go free…