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Unspoken – Loved By You

Loved By You by Unspoken MUSIC VIDEO

Loved By You LYRCIS by Unspoken:
I see is all the mess
I’ve been carrying a weight most my life
I been trying to measure up in Your eyes
I ain’t getting any rest

I’ve been fighting battles you already won
I’ve been runnin’ races you’ve already run 
I’ve been workin’ steady on something already done
Like I could ever hope to do enough 

I don’t have to 
Battle and try
Struggle and strive 
To be loved by You 
Oh God
Open my eyes 
To recognize
That I’m loved by You 
I wanna more than feel it 
Child like believe it
Take it in like the air that I’m breathing
Nothing I
Gotta prove
Gotta do
To be loved by You

It’s so easy to forget
That you know me like I’ve never been known
You see it all and still you call me your own
Now my heart can finally rest

No more fighting battles you’ve already won
No more running races you’ve already run
There is peace in knowing all that you’ve already done
Will always and forever be enough

When I didn’t see it
You loved me
When I couldn’t feel it
You loved me
You never need a reason
To love me
‘Cause love is who you are
When I don’t deserve it
You love me
Help me to believe that
You loved
You never need a reason l
To love me
Cause love is who you are


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