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Victoria Victoria – Over My Shoulder

Over My Shoulder by MUSIC VIDEO

Over My Shoulder LYRCIS by Victoria:
I don’t need anyone’s permission
To think that I’m gold
I don’t need anyone’s well wishing
Or to do what I’m told
And if I tried to get to Heaven
I’d find myself back home
Playing music in my kitchen
Wearing nothing but my robe

God the Mother loves me
She tells me every night
My own mother told me
To try and keep an open mind
A woman can do whatever she wants to
But I just wanna live my life
Without looking
Over my shoulder

God the Sister holds me
She shines her light upon my face
My own sister showed me
We’re not alone here in this place

Feet planted down with my toes in the ground
Baby girl, go ‘head and take up space

Without looking
Over your shoulder
Over my shoulder

Nothing but my robe I’m not looking, no
Over my shoulder


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