Cages LYRCIS by We The Kingdom:
What if I got real honest
What if I took a risk
What if I opened up my heart
And let you see in
What if I took my mask off
Trying to fit in
I don’t wanna be a mannequin

What if I let my guard down
What if I took a breath
What if I wasn’t perfect
What if I was just a mess
What if I bled my soul out
Given all I could give
I’m so tired of pretending

I’m coming out of my cages
I’m stepping down from my stages
I’m sick and tired of faking it
What I wouldn’t give to be known
What I wouldn’t give to be known

What if I got new armor
What if I swung my sword
What if I face my demons
Like I’ve never done before

What if I hung my banner
What if I chose a side
What if I knew I couldn’t lose this time

Coming out of my cages
Coming out of my cages
Oh, oh, oh

I’m coming out

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