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We The Kingdom – Glorious

Glorious by MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

Glorious LYRCIS by We The Kingdom:
Manger underneath the starry sky
Mother Mary tending to her baby’s cry
The ox and lamb behold their Maker King
The One who spoke the world with “let there be”

Wise men crossing deserts in the night
Following the prophecy, the promised Light
Fragile fingers, precious little eyes
The Son of God was filled with saving fire

Glorious, Glorious
God is here
It’s Christmas
The Light has come
He is glorious

Earth behold the Savior of the world
He’s the Hope for every man and woman, boy and girl
The lungs that cried out through the stable walls
Were the ones that cried it’s finished once and for all

Clothed in majesty
He is glorious
And I worship Him
He is glorious

Can you hear the angels singing?
Glory in the highest
Peace on earth


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