Still Can’t Sleep On Christmas Eve by MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

Still Can’t Sleep On Christmas Eve LYRCIS by We The Kingdom:
It’s the 24th of December, the time when I’m a kid again
For as long as I remember, I’ve looked forward
To this day throughout the year

Snow is falling all around us
Like our own wide world inside a globe
Snowman in the yard, hot chocolate on the stove
And everywhere the Christmas lights are glowing

It’s Christmas time, it’s magical, I come alive — it’s factual
I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve

We bundle up, the air is frosty
We gather family and
Singing carols by the fire, there’s laughter in the air
I never, ever want this night to end

Soon the clock will strike midnight
We’re full of candy canes and kettle corn
Let’s get the children into bed, and find some mistletoe
That will keep us busy ’til the morning

Gingerbread, jingle bells, Santa and cinnamon
Reindeer on the roof, can’t get enough of it
Presents under the Christmas tree
How could I ever sleep

It’s Christmas time, eyes open wide
I feel like I’m 8 years old inside
I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve
I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve

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