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Xiu Xiu – Maybae Baeby

Maybae Baeby By Xiu Xiu MUSIC VEDIO

Maybae Baeby LYRICS By Xiu Xiu:
[Verse 1]
A tarantula crawled under the bed
It seemed unconcerned, I was hiding there too
He never looks under here

[Verse 2]
The sky is almost magically clear
Fear and darkness?
It doesn’t make sense

[Verse 3]
If he finds me
And sees the tarantula too
Chuga, chuga, chuga
Will he hesitate?
If you scare him away
I will get a tarantula tattoo
If you need to bite me
I will understand
[Verse 4]
Here comes my curious finger
Sliding closer across the tile
Chuga, chuga, chuga

[Verse 5]
I can hear him scrеaming outside
All the neighbors hatе his guts
Do you ever turn into a butterfly or a wasp?
Do you never change?
My finger is getting closer
Am I going to smash you?

Awake unto me
Arise, arise
Awake unto me
Arise, arise
Awake unto me
Arise, arise


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