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Yeat – Krank


Krank LYRCIS by Yeat:
Mingo, haha

Woo, woo (Woo, woo)
Woo (Yeah)
I just pulled up in a tank (Woo, Skrrt, I just pulled up in a tank)
I been geekin’ like crank (Yeah, I’m geeked like crank, yeah, phew)
Man, this crank got insane (‘Sane, woo)
Yeah, take cranks, get the brain (I’m cranky in the brain)
Bitch, I don’t know when I’ma land (Yeah)
Yeah, I just pulled up on a plane (Just pulled up on a plane)
I just pulled up on a jet (Uh)

… watered my wrist, a boat
You know that I’m keeping my blick, for real
I’m fuckin’ on top of the mill’, yeah (Woo)
I’m fuckin’ a bitch from the…
… [shit?]
I don’t worry, get money, that’s it
Man, my money do double, it flipped
I used to be shit in the …


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