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Yeat – Rav3 p4rty

Rav3 p4rty By Yeat MUSIC VIDEO

Rav3 p4rty LYRCIS By Yeat:
(dulio, 力を貸して)
Yeah (Yeah-yeah)
Uh, yeah (Uh-uh)
Bitch, I pulled up in a Lamb, that big body slam, that big body flam, that big body— fuck (Uh, uh-uh, woah)
Big body sittin’ outside, got big body truck, got big body truck, don’t give no— (Yeah, huh, woah, yeah)
This a wide body, we geek off the juice, got Molly, got shrooms, got everything plus—
We slidin’ in, but lil’ bitch, you can’t fuck with the gang, no, you cannot fuck wit’ us (Phew)
(Ran the lil’ car on the—, phew)
Rippin’ the curb up, lil’ bitch (Swerve), I put the swerve in that bitch (Swerve)
I’m ’bout to swerve on the Tonka (Swerve), I’m ’bout to swerve in the Tonka (Swerve)
I’m ’bout to swerve on evеryone’s head, bitch, we gonna pull up, lil’ Chonka (Luh Chonka)
Don’t got no fucks, uh, lil’ Chonka (Yеah)
I got racks, bitch, don’t get what you wanna
(Yeah, yeah, yeah) Fill ’em with lead, (Yeah, yeah, yeah) make him slumber
(Yeah, yeah, yeah) I don’t give a fuck what you said (No), delete my number
(dulio, 力を貸して) Yeah, I’m on the edge (Bitch)
Yeah, I’m on the edge
Yeah, I’m on the edge
Yeah, I’m on the edge
Yeah, pop me the X
Bitch, with the flex
I’m on they necks, yeah, sprayin’ them TEC’s (Bwah)
Yeah, I’m in the cut, got a couple of sticks, got a couple of blicks (Bwah)
Feel like Osama, this shit ’bout to stick, this shit ’bout to blow (Yeah)
Pull up in shows, no, I can’t remember my show, no (Yeah)
I’m not from London, bitch (Yeah), I’m not your average bloke (Woah)


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