Systëm LYRCIS by Yeat:

Been in the coupe, Bruce Wayne (Yeah)
I got the big ol’ chain
They can’t be fuckin’ with my slang (Slang)
They can’t even fuck with the gang (Gang)
You a L, you a lame (Yeah)
I just pulled up on them for the frame (Yeah)
In the Bentley, I got a Mulsanne (Yeah)
Me and you, we are not one the same (Yeah)
Molly, Percocet’s, it go insane (Gang)
Made the money go up, made the money go down, make that shit disappеar if you lame (Gang)
Peel off in that big body Tonka, lil’ bitch, you best know that I’m whippin’ the brain (Gang)
Ain’t nеver fuck with nobody at all, lil’ bitch, I just rock with the gang (Gang)
Ain’t ever switch on my bro or my twizzy, lil bitch (Go), I am stayin’ the same (Yeah, hey)
Yeah, all these drugs hit right in my system, yeah
I just put the black blatt by the pistol, yeah
Me and twizz really did it, ’bout to bust it, yeah
I ain’t never give a fuck ’bout a—
In a big body sittin’ outside, we gon’ catch y’all lackin’

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